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General contractors, often referred to as construction managers, play a significant role in various building projects. Generally, they are being hired by engineering and architecture firms so that they can manage and supervise development plans for any structure such as buildings and residential homes. General contractors also play a role in coordinating all the essential activities that are necessary to get the job done. A good general contractor must be highly capable, reliable, and responsible. Moreover, they should be equipped with the necessary general contractors licensing requirements and qualifications. The general contractors licensing requirements that are needed from a professional contractor will have to depend upon the particular area where the project will be done. Such requirements also vary from country to country, especially if you will be working outside of your own country. Click here to find out more about the South Carolina Residential Builders exam.


General contractor education and certification


A general contractor must have either an associate or bachelor's degree in construction science, management, or architecture. As an alternative, they could hold an engineering degree in various fields such as mechanical, electrical, industrial, or chemical engineering. Even though oftentimes it is not required for new graduates to get a certification, most of them pursue in getting one because it allows them to easily look for jobs. Moreover, an aspiring contractor can also become a certified construction manager. Such a credential is being provider for by certain construction associations, and the person must be able to pass his or her NASCLA exam to get it. If such a scenario happens where the applicant did not pass on his or her first attempt, he or she can still retake the contractor exams to a maximum of three times.


General contractor experience


For a person to become a certified construction manager, he or she must be able to complete the degrees that have just been discussed previously. If ever such a person has not completed his or her college education, then he or she should be equipped with the right amount of experience. The experience that is being referred to here means that the person must have worked in the field for a minimum of eight years. No matter the level of education of the applicant, getting such a certification will have to require him or her to be experienced in the sector for four or more years. And it is ideal if the experience is obtained from various competencies as well as stages of project development.


General contractors licensing requirements


In addition to getting a certification to attract more employers, a general contractor must also be equipped with the necessary state licenses. Such state licenses will only be provided when the contractor has applied to the specific state's mechanism of getting a license. This implies that the contractor is required to get the following things done: citizenship or legal residency, proof of on-the-job experience, application fees, and contractor exams. To read more about this, go to